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November 4 & 5, 2016

2nd Annual International Understanding The Times Worldview Weekend

International Biblical Experts, One Cutting Edge International Worldview Weekend

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Fri, Nov 4th & Sat, Nov 5th

6pm-11pm CT & 9:30am-6pm CT 

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Topics We're Discussing

 “Is That Your Lord?” —By Gary Gilley 

Many today claim to receive regular appearances from the Lord, and/or hear His voice, both audibly and inwardly. Much anxiety, confusion and even anguish have resulted from these claims. What does the Bible really say about seeing the Lord and hearing from God? This seminar will carefully examine these questions.

Short description: A Power Point lecture based upon my book Is That You Lord?. My position is that God communicates to us today through the Scriptures alone, not through any form of extra-biblical revelation, including visions, hunches and promptings.

“Modern Angelic Appearances” – By Gary Gilley 

People throughout the world are claiming visions of angels. This is especially true among Muslims. Are these genuine appearances or satanic counterfeits? The Word of God gives important insight into these matters.

Unmasking the Antichrist- By Ron Rhodes 

This session answers fifteen questions related to the coming Antichrist. For example: What are some of the different concepts people have about the Antichrist? What are the various meanings for the Greek term for “Anti”? What is the distinction between the “spirit of antichrist,” “many antichrists,” & “THE Antichrist”? Who has been accused of being the Antichrist in the past? In what ways does the Antichrist mimic Christ? What are some dissimilarities between the Antichrist and Christ? Is the Antichrist a Muslim? Is the Antichrist a Jew or a Gentile? What do we know about the character of the Antichrist? What are some key titles of the Antichrist? What is the role of Satan in the Antichrist? Does the Antichrist die and then get resurrected? In what way does the Antichrist persecute the Jews in the tribulation? Is the Antichrist alive in the world today? Who presently restrains the Antichrist from appearing? This session will inform conference attendees of all they need to know about the coming Antichrist.

The Rising Apostasy in the End Times Church - By Ron Rhodes 

This session begins with a clear definition of apostasy. Then the session points to biblical warnings of apostasy, specific examples of apostasy in the church in our day, and statistics that reveal the severity of the current problem. Regarding the specific examples of apostasy, I focus on the undermining of the Bible by Bart Ehrman, the Jesus Seminar, and even some “evangelical” leaders; doctrinal deviations among Christians on God, Jesus, and the gospel of salvation; recently-founded organizations that exist for the sole purpose of helping unbelieving Christians find comfort in their new atheism; the Word-Faith movement; Christian Wicca; Chrislam; “Christian psychics;” mysticism in the modern church (including the use of mantras in “contemplative prayer”), the heresies of emerging church leaders like Brian McLaren, the “reimagining” of Christianity by certain leaders, and more. It is an eye-opening session. 


While it is certainly true that covert groups such as the Freemasons and Rosicrucians have been at work in our country from nearly the beginning, it is important to remember that the early colonists were largely Christian people, and that America was originally founded for the purpose of proclaiming the Gospel of Christ, and as a haven for Christianity. In two presentations, Chris will present powerful documentation showing that the building blocks of early American freedom were based on a Biblical worldview, and that while some of the revolutionary founders held to unorthodox beliefs, their political views were governed primarily by reformed Christian teaching. 


Chris discusses the principles of the Protestant Reformation and how they formed the foundation of what we know today as the free world. The pages of true history reveal that core beliefs such as freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, freedom of the press and the right to bear arms were all the direct result of the great reform that can be traced back to the time of John Wycliffe in England. Incredibly, even the doctrine of separation of church and state can be traced to both Luther and Calvin, but its original meaning differs dramatically from what is taught by the ACLU and secular groups today. Yet whether pertaining to the Church or to the State, the Reformers taught that believers should obey God rather than men.


When Samuel Adams signed the Declaration of Independence, he gave a speech in which he proclaimed that God had been restored as the true Sovereign of the nation, and went on to say that “political Protestantism” would reign in America. What did he mean by this term? And why is it that when Christian historians discuss America’s history, they will almost never mention this quote? Also discussed is the highly controversial Treaty of Tripoli, and the objections to it, raised by signer of the Constitution, James McHenry

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Details on our 2nd Annual Live Streaming Conference:

On Friday evening November 4th, and Saturday, November 5th, 2016, Worldview Weekend’s WVW-TV will be hosting and live streaming the second annual International Understanding the Times Worldview Weekend from our television studios in Memphis, Tennessee. All the speakers will be on the set of the WVW-TV studios to deliver their keynote presentations and take your questions live via social media. This conference will be available to all Situation Room members. If you are not a member you can join now at for just $74.99 a year, $7.99 a month or at the discounted price of $129.00 for two years. 

You will be able to live stream this conference on the Situation Room page, on your television through our Google Chromecast button, or through your smart phone with the livestream app or by hooking your computer to your flatscreen tv. 

Our harnessing of today’s technology will make it possible for you to be equipped, edified, and encouraged through international analysis of world events by internationally recognized experts that are well trained in understanding the times through a Biblical worldview. 

This is the second international, live-streaming conference we will host. In 2015 we saw over 300 satellite locations with people hosting a group in their home or church. 

Join the Situation Room now and not only can you stream this live November 4 & 5, 2016 International Understanding the Times Worldview Weekend, but you will have access right now to nearly $100,000 in online content such as radio programs, television programs, DVDs, EBooks, Audio books, transcripts and our powerful Biblical worldview software known as That is two memberships for the price of one. Check it out right now at Don’t worry about the expense of travel, meals, lodging, or time off work or school, because this live streaming event will be available to you in your own home. Not only will this timely and cutting edge conference be live streamed, but speakers will take questions live via social media. We have booked an incredible line up of speakers that are recognized internationally in their field of expertise. Speakers will include Brannon Howse, Shahram Hadian among others to be announced. This will be one of the most unique groups of speakers and experts we have ever assembled. Some of their names you may not even know but once you read their bios you will see why we have assembled this panel of experts.

Religious denominations are moving faster and faster towards ecumenicalism, mysticism, social justice, and radical environmentalism. The U.S. State Department now has an office that is specifically charged with organizing churches and religious leaders to push global governance through what is known as Sustainable Development. In April of 2015, Pope Francis held an international conference to push global governance through the Sustainable Development and the myth of man-made global warming. Russia has made a military alliance with Iran, Islam is on the march, persecution of Christians appears to be on the rise, anti-Semitism is on the rise, the United States and other world economies are awash in debt, and the European Union appears to be pushing a coming one-world religious, political, and economic structure. How should Biblically minded Christians view these world events, how can we use them to further the gospel, why should these world events not bring fear and discouragement to the heart of Christians? What should be the role and response of every Christian, Biblical church, and Christian home during these days? 

If you want to understand the times through the lens of a Biblical worldview then you do not want to miss this live streaming international conference. Conference times, speaking sessions and question and answer sessions will be available soon. Be sure that you and your family and friends block out the date of Friday evening November 4th and Saturday November 5th 2016. Get a living room full of family and friends, get out your Bibles, get your smart phones ready to send in your questions live, and be sure you are a member of as this is the only way you will be able to live stream the historic and epic International Understanding The Times Worldview Weekend. 

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