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We've spent thousands of hours over several years collecting irrefutable evidence of false teaching and then writing a detailed and specific Biblical response from the truth of God's Word.

We have also spent years writing and producing resources that assist you in developing a comprehensive, Biblically-sound theological worldview. 

The Situation Room, Worldviewpedia, myWorldview, and Worldview Training Institute is the fruit of years of work so that you can defend and proclaim a Biblical worldview.

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  • Worldviewpedia - Your Digital Worldview Encyclopedia for Defending and Proclaiming a Biblical Worldview
  • The Situation Room - Unlimited access to thousands of timeless Biblical teaching created daily over the past 14 years
  • Worldview Training Institute - Over 6 seperate courses and growing! We used to charge up to $299 per class. Now they're all available as part of your Situation Room membership.
  • myWorldview.com - Connect, fellowship, and encourage one another by sharing Biblical resources, discussing issues that strengthen a Biblical worldview.
  • Exclusive access to multiple Live conference broadcasts not available to the general public
  • I just didn’t see it coming. Already thought I had everything I needed with the Situation Room’s amazing resources. I didn’t think it could be improved at all, and then… Worldviewpedia. Really? Unbelievable! Embedded videos, embedded audio clips, scripture pop-ups, and more, all combined with a powerful search engine that instantly sifts through a massive database brimming with crucial information on every topic under the sun. Why would anyone go anywhere else? To be honest, the price of the membership is really too low for what is provided, but I know Brannon is trying to provide the best Biblical, worldview resources at a price point every family can afford. Thanks, Brannon. ”

    Jill Cox

    Member - California
  • Sites like Amazon have done well because you only have to shop on one site and can make your purchase with one click. What Amazon is to the average shopper, Worldviewpedia will be for the believer who wants to do research at one site. The more I “tested” the search mode, the more I was surprised that there was something available on every topic I searched. Brannon is to be commended for his hard work on Worldviewpedia. It will be an added resource to every believer who wants to be kept abreast of what is happening in the world today, and especially from a Christian world view. Thanks Brannon! "

    Susan Heck

    Bible Study Teacher - Women with the Master
  • Worldviewpedia is an amazing and useful library that gives its members quick access to all the news trends and doctrinal issues facing the church today. I was fascinated at how comprehensive the library is and how quick and easy all the information could be accessed in both video and audio formats along with text and transcripts. Brannon Howse has really outdone himself in providing a state of the art engine for quick access to valuable information and research. I look forward to using Worldviewpedia to help me gain more information and understanding in the rapidly changing world in which we live. ”

    Mike Gendron

    Pastor - Proclaiming The Gospel Radio